The Kingdom of God has to look like something. So what would that look like in yours and my lives? Think about it. This is one reason we have the New Testament and why it records the lives, actions, and teachings of the New Testament church and the apostles.

We get to look through their eyes and their experiences just how the Kingdom of God impacted them and how they fleshed it out in real-time.

For me I remember praying in a Sunday school class at age 5. We had just learned about king David in the Old Testament. I identified with him in many ways. I remember giving my heart to God in that classroom with “old lady Mrs. Ross.” She was really old, but she had the patients to teach the likes of me. I remember learning, witnessing, praying for others, healings, miracles, being licensed to preach at age 15. I remember being known to all my high school as preacher. I remember being a youth pastor by age 17 and going off to Bible college at age 18.

For me the word of God was something from age 14 on I devoted my life to studying and knowing. Eventually I wanted to know God the Father Himself. I was desperate and determined to know His voice and be able to hear Him for myself like the apostles and the great men of the Bible. Then I wanted to know the real history of the scriptures. I wanted to know how the Bible was put together, who the writers were, and especially how we could possibly know today that it is true and real. I was surprised to learn just how accurate and real they are and how Supernatural too. It has been over 50 years of study and I can tell you now that I have only scratched the surface of how dynamic and supernatural the Holy Bible truly is.